Automatic Driveway Gate

Installation and Repair Service

Do you want an automatic driveway gate for your new house? Or the existing one giving you trouble? It’s no secret that automatic driveway gates are impressive and have proven as a great security defense for residential properties. Modern automatic driveway gates come in a lot of variety in terms of design, style, and material. Due to plenty of design options to choose from, homeowners often feel confused and overwhelmed. 

If you don’t have the perfect gate in mind, don’t worry. We can help you get your dream gate in no time. Our team can discuss with you and whether you prefer elegant, exotic, or custom-made driveway gate design, they have you covered. Just give us a call and we will handle everything from there. 

What Makes Everlast Gates so reliable? 

Security gates are an essential part of any security plan of any residential or commercial property. But a damaged or broken security gate is no better than an open area. Even single damage in your automatic driveway gate can make it so vulnerable that anyone with bad intentions can sneak into your property. 

Electric and automatic driveway gates are made by combining different moving electrical parts, which can get wear out or damage with everyday use over a long time. Taking good care of the hardware and the mechanism of the gates is inevitable to prolong its life. 

We at Everlast Gates understand that no two automatic driveway gates are the same. These gates can be different depending on the type, make, design, and layout of the property they are installed in. That’s why we hire only professional and highly-trained professionals. No matter what type of gate you have installed or how damaged it is, our technicians can deal with the problem. From misaligned tracks to electric motor malfunction, we can handle all. 


We offer the following services at competitive pricing:


  • Full maintenance 
  • New automatic driveway gate installation 
  • Automatic driveway gate repair
  • Off-track gate repair
  • Automatic gate track repair 

Automatic Driveway Gate Repair can be Challenging 

Every gate needs some kind of maintenance over time regardless of its size, type, material, or design. While high-quality installation of these driveway gates can go for a long time but there are still some issues that might come up. 

Even a perfectly installed gate goes through normal wear and tear that will eventually require repair or maintenance of hardware parts such as tracks, hinges, screws, and other elements that work in harmony to make the driveway gate function and operate. 

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” It was really amazing that our technician from Everlast Gates of Dallas was extremely helpful and gave us options to think about when it came to us wanting an electrical gate on our property” – Susan E.