Automatic Gate Opener Installation

Do you need an automatic gate opener installation service provider? Look no further!

Everlast Gates is one of the leading full-service and premium gate and fence companies in Dallas. We have been working in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial space. Our highly-trained technicians can work with any project related to gate or fence installation or repair. 

Automatic gates have become critical for security and convenient access to a property. These may come with remote control or keyless control which allows control of your property. We understand how important it is for you to have a functional gate opener. Agate that has been installed and maintained properly can last for years and great for our house security. No matter if you are looking for a new installation or need to replace an old gate with an automated gate, we are here to assist you.  Our highly-trained and professional gate technicians can perform the gate opener installation, gate, and access control repair, etc. 


Choosing the best gate opener

It’s good that you have decided to go for an automated gate, but now you need to decide on the opener. You have to think about what type you want. The choice of the opener relies heavily on the type of gate you have installed or going to install, the weight, and the size of the gate. It is also dependent on how you want to control the gate. 

Automatic gate openers are controlled by the access control system. The Gate can slide open, swing, or can be raised from up or down. There are different types of access control; including remote controls, clickers, sensors, keypads, and keyless controls. 

Many people like to control access through gate remotes, and some prefer sensors which are hidden below the surface of your driveway. These types of electric gate openers are specialized pieces of hardware that you should never try to install yourself or you might break them. 


Not only do we install automatic gates, but we also repair these too!


We not only do the gate opener installation for commercial or residential properties but also install and repair gates for gated communities, apartments, and other spaces. We offer style, service, and fast response without breaking your bank. We handle every project from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about anything. Call us for more information on what we can do for you and a custom quote on gate opener installation. 

No matter what kind of gate opener you are using, we can help you to repair or replace it. Here at Everlast Gates, we are proud of what we do for our customers. We only hire the best technicians in the town who are committed to 100% client satisfaction. 

We also offer an emergency gate repair service so that you don’t have to be stranded outside your house in such a situation. We also provide same day service.

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Talk to our Experts

If you are not sure which type of automatic gate is best suited for your property, you can always talk to our customer support or technicians for an expert opinion. Our on-staff experts can help you evaluate your options, budget, and choose an affordable automatic gate that fits your criteria. 

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