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Since we opened our doors in 10, we have become the leading provider of premier driveway gate opener installation and repair services in Balch Springs and the surrounding areas. Our experts here at Everlast Gates are well-equipped and knowledgeable when it comes to all things automatic gate openers. You see, this mechanism is by far the most important investment that you have in your driveway gate. That is why we make sure our technicians have the proper knowledge, expertise, and experience to really get the job done. Basically, they are expert enough to identify the correct size and style of electric opener that you really need.

In case you didn’t know, it is really important that your driveway gate has the correct style and size of gate opener as this can affect functionality and longevity. In essence, gate opener styles consist of barrier arm systems, slide, and swing. Not only do we provide repairs and installation but we can also help in the maintenance of almost all manufacturers in the industry.


Recommended Manufacturers

LiftMaster – is a very well-known provider of highly-rated gate operators, access control systems, and accessories, just to name a few. This brand is also known for offering completely customized systems. All of the Liftmaster residential gate entry packages are packaged with different features, such as battery backup, built-in smartphone controls, and other more advanced security features, among many others.

Elite Gates – is also known as a leading provider in the industry. They are a leading manufacturer of slide gate operators and swing gate operators as well as other accessories and parts, such as telephone entry systems, remote controls, and more. They are also a leading provider of solar energy options, all of which are equipped alongside their systems.

Apollo – this brand has managed to obtain a reputation for innovation, reliability, and security. What is more, they are always on the lookout for developing and advancing their product lines as well as improving their already established and popular items. It is worth noting, too, that every Apollo Gate Opener is assembled in the USA.
Viking Gate Operators – a company that is best known for offering some of the most innovative features in the industry, such as adaptive and self-learning algorithms. They are also a leader in providing redundancy design, which is available in both hardware and software. It is specifically meant to guarantee optimal operation and functionality. It is also interesting to know that their exclusive helical gearing offering is considered to have the highest efficiency rating in the industry.

Door King – all of the products from this company are made in the USA. They are also specifically engineered to pass even the most stringent safety standard guidelines. As a result, they can always ensure inexperienced customers, children, and pets do not get risk being harmed by the functionality of gate operators, door access solutions, and any other devices. They are also one of the best providers of equipment for commercial applications, access control, and gate operators. And mind you, they even include several options which can be utilized for gated communities, apartments, parking, and maximum security.

BFT – is also known for providing a huge range of innovative products, all of which are designed for any type of application. This can include the likes of swing and slide gate openers as well as other products like solar-powered entry gates, road barriers, and hydraulic operators, just to name a few.


Need Emergency Service in your Area?

Are you looking for commercial or residential gate repair or gate installation services in your area? Don’t worry! We have highly skilled driveway gate technicians ready to fix and install gates of all types. Our company also offers a complete line of access control and gate intercom systems.


Swing Gate Openers

In essence, swing gate openers come in two basic styles, and these are post mount and pad mount. The former is basically designed with an arm that can be seen mounted to the hinge post as well as to the gate itself. This opener, in particular, is intended to be a bit small but more compact. In most cases, it is better suited for residential applications or installed on lighter and smaller gates, particularly those considered to have low to medium usage.

Pad mount openers, on the other hand, are meant to be installed either on a concrete pad or metal operator stand. These openers always come with an articulating arm, one that can really work best on large and heavier gates. Even more so, these openers are designed to withstand even the highest of usage frequencies. However, it is worth noting that this type of opener should not be used with a solid wood gate. This is simply due to the fact that wind resistance can easily pose a problem. In addition, it is also infamous for creating an additional strain on the wood frame if installed on a solid wood gate.

Here is how you can determine the best style of gate opener:

  • The type of gate should be considered first if it is a swing or sliding
  • The overall weight and length of the gate
  • What is the gate’s frequency when it comes to usage and traffic

If you already have an existing gate, it is of utmost importance to always make sure it works and functions efficiently. Your existing gate should also be in its best possible working condition. All of these factors must be considered before the actual installation of an electric opener.
In order to find out if your gate is prepped and ready for an opener, keep in mind of the following:

Can you verify that it is plumb and level?

Does the gate tend to swing freely on its hinges?

Or perhaps it slides really smoothly on the track or guide rollers?

Are you able to move the gate without the need to drag it on the ground?

Does your gate appear to have a horizontal cross member which is meant to provide stability?


We here at  Everlast Gates take great pride in our professional driveway gate opener repair and services. We are also proud to offer a top-notch and highly-rated line of products. If you are in need of these services, contact us today!

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