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Electric Gates Installation – Types and How They Work

Either you own a residential property or commercial space, electronic gates are an addition to your home or business security system. They offer security, privacy, and convenience while also making a great first impression on anyone coming to your place. However, these gates demand necessary care and maintenance. Due to heavy electronics, these electric gates can become damaged and weary that makes them less secure and unreliable. 

With Everlast Gates, we offer high-quality yet affordable electric gate installation, maintenance, and repair service to keep your gate functional for the long-term. We have hired full-time trained technicians who have worked with all kinds of brands and make gates. So, if you are having some trouble with your gate or opener, our technicians can identify and solve your problem. 


    Types of Electric Gates

    Electric gates are strong, aesthetically pleasing, and easily available in an extensive range of designs and types. These include swing, double-swing, custom-made slide, cantilever gates, and wooden gates. Here are a few types of electric gates. 


    Sliding Electric Gate 

    It works great if you have limited space at the entrance or driveway. These work with the help of an electric motor, a backup battery, and an infrared sensor attached to the wall so the gate won’t start to close when the vehicle or person is in the way. 


    Swing Gates 

    These kinds of gates are more famous for homeowners. They open or close the door with the help of hinges. 


    Wooden Gates

    These look great and add a flavor of nature to your home or office. Wooden gates can be purchased in different sizes, styles, and stained or unstained. 


    Custom gates 

    These are built according to the personality of any home or business. The design possibilities are almost endless. However custom gate installations and repairs should be carried out by experienced technicians to avoid any damage to the property or gate.


    24/7 Electric Gate Installation 


    You don’t have to stress over garage door installation or repair needs. Just make one call to get the high-quality electric gate installation and repair at your door. We understand that it can be difficult for you to get the services you need when you need them most. And that’s why we are flexible with our 24-hour schedule to ensure that our expert services are always accessible to you. 


    Other than the electric gate installation we offer the following services:


    • Gate Installation from scratch 
    • Commercial Gate Installation 
    • Automatic Gate Installation
    • Manual Gater Installation
    • Residential Gate Installation 
    • And so much more

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