Electric Gates for Driveways

An electric gate for driveways not only provides security to your residential property. But it also adds a convenience and luxury feel to your house. Automated or electric gates can work with remote controls, keypads, or even wireless entry systems. But what they all have in common is they give you control over who can access your house with your permission. 

We are a full-service garage door installation and repair service. If you are having problems with your electric gates for the driveway, you can contact Everlast Gates. We are now offering 24 x 7 electric gates repair and installation service at competitive rates. No matter how big or small your driveway gate is we can fix it. 

Electric gates are a wonderful addition to any house. Once you have the luxury of an electric driveway gate at your doorway, you will never want to go back to the manual door that requires you to get out of your car every time just to open the door. But like any other electric or mechanical hardware, these gates are also prone to get affected with time. Over the years, your driveway gate may start showing some signs of wear out. The chain may become too loose and the gate may open too wide or not enough. Then it’s time to get professional help. 


Electric Gates For Driveways  Installation


Driveway gates add class and a touch of luxury to your place while improving the visual appeal of your property. There are different types of electric gates available in the market and choosing the perfect design or style can be overwhelming for some homeowners. If you want a particular type of driveway gate but don’t know if it’s good enough, our experts can guide you and recommend the best driveway gate for your house that fits your lifestyle and budget.  

You must pick the electric driveway gate of the highest quality material. Driveway gates have to go through harsh conditions of weather like sun, rain, snow, etc. Having a low-quality material means damage or broken driveway gate only in a few years. Properly installed and maintained driveway gates ensure the security and privacy of your house and everyone living inside it. Keeping them function to their full capacity is crucial for your peace of mind. 

Electric driveway gates are ideal if you are looking for convenience and style. These are perfect for a space that is too small for swing type gates. 


Our services 

Not all electric driveway gates are made equally. Some may have improper welding or painting which can lead your gate to get rust. A rusted gate can be a major security risk on its own. If your gate is showing signs of rust or weakness then contact us for immediate assistance to remove rust and repair your gate as new. We offer the best electric gate repair service and can handle any issue your gate might be having. 

Automatic and electric gates for the driveway are made of many moving parts, which are operated several times in a day to open or close the gate. Especially in high-traffic commercial or large residential areas, such gates can get damaged easily if not properly maintained. In such cases, you can call us. We are available 24 x 7 so you can always count on our team for high-quality installation and repair. We offer same-day garage door and garage door opener installation. Our services include:


  • Electric driveway gate installation and repair
  • Emergency gate installation and repair
  • Commercial gate installation and repair


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Talk to our Experts

If you are not sure which type of automatic gate is best suited for your property, you can always talk to our customer support or technicians for an expert opinion. Our on-staff experts can help you evaluate your options, budget, and choose an affordable automatic gate that fits your criteria. 

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” It was really amazing that our technician from Everlast Gates of Dallas was extremely helpful and gave us options to think about when it came to us wanting an electrical gate on our property” – Susan E.


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