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Residential Telephone Entry Installation Service in Lewisville

A video telephone system is somehow similar to an audio system as well as its functionality. However, the huge catch here is the fact that the former offers better benefits. Basically, a video telephone system gives you a visual image of your visitors and you can view them remotely. You, who are basically the person at the base station, will be able to provide instructions to the guest to either move closer or farther, so you can get a better picture or view.

Also, as the homeowner, you will gain the ability to be able to examine a badge or ID card which can be held up to the camera on the door station. If you also prefer the added ability to zoom in and out of an object, you should consider getting some of the more advanced systems. This system is also applicable and beneficial in a gate setting, as you will have immediate surveillance of the vehicle or its license plate if you require it.

The components of a video telephone system will have a base station with a video monitor, a door/gate station with a video camera, an electric strike, an electrified lock or electrified gate opener, power supplies, and related wiring, just to name a few. Installing this system is quite easy actually and maintenance will not necessarily be an issue from time to time. Nonetheless, it would require various multi-wire hookups and since it provides a full suite of features, it would sometimes appear to be a bit more expensive than the basic audio system. Lastly, to be able to accommodate utilization day and night, the system will need sufficient lighting. In some cases, too, the camera lens might be able to fairly adjust in low light conditions.


What are Wireless Entry Systems?

The basic stand-alone wireless intercom system is actually designed for residential and even small commercial usage. It also comes with a wireless base or master station and a door or remote station. The operation can also be likened to some audio and video telephone entry systems, though wiring in this case is not necessarily needed just to activate and run all components present. In essence, the components in this system will include a base station, door station, electric strike or electrified lock, power supply, and wiring.

Not only is this system really simple to install, but it will not require you too many maintenance procedures. In fact, you can always settle with stand-alone battery-operated locks, the types that can be released using a wireless remote for optimal convenience. You may also go with gate operations that can be operated using a remote control, though keep in mind that they can sometimes be a bit expensive in the long run when compared with hard-wired units. And while it is true that communication is indeed wireless, you will need a local power supply if you want to go for an electric strike or electrified lock application, or gate operation.


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What are Integrated Telephone Entry Systems

The integrated telephone entry intercom system is specifically designed to give you the ability to allow entry via a single (or even more) door or gates, regardless if the system is meant for a residential or commercial property. It basically alerts the owner when someone is present at the door or gate. This operation is triggered when the telephone receiver is used to dial as a means of contacting the owner. From there, the owner simply answers from the telephone and communicates verbally with the guest.

A signal is sent to the electric strike or electrified lock after a specific button is pressed. This will then unlock the door or gate to provide entry to the visitor. In some applications, the existing telephone system can already be used to communicate with the master panel in order to make audio installation possible. If a video camera is already included in the master panel at the door or gate station, then the said telephone system can easily be used for audio purposes.

It is also worth noting that these integrated systems can be implemented in different sizes in order to be fitted to various, needed applications. And while some systems can be a bit complex, a good number of them are also plug-and-play as well as maintenance-free. Installation, on other hand, might just require one or two technicians.

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