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Communication with an automatic entry door or gate is very important as it helps in maintaining a secure residential and commercial property, especially since doing so always involves convenience and privacy. Make sure to call Everlast Gates today if you are interested in residential telephone entry services at (469) 212-1925. We can provide a free consultation or help you book an appointment with us!

How do residential telephone entry systems work?

In most cases, deliveries and visitors may require immediate access to a telephone or intercom. In order to make this possible, a certain type of system must be installed. Most, if not all, telephone entry systems are designed to communicate via phone lines, giving visitors outside the ability to communicate with those inside the property. Also, this is where the entry system essentially makes use of an existing phone line, one that is already up and running within the interior of the property. As soon as the button or doorbell is pressed by the visitor, the phone then rings inside the property. It is worth noting though that a lot of modern or newer systems nowadays often operate without the need for a phone line. And despite such, they are still capable of giving you and your visitors the means to communicate remotely.

There are four basic categories when talking about intercom or telephone systems. These are namely Stand-Alone Audio Intercom Systems, Stand-Alone Video Intercom Systems, Stand-Alone Wireless Intercom Systems, and Integrated Telephone Entry Systems.

Audio Telephone Entry Systems

The basic stand-alone audio intercom system can be broken down into a base or master station and a gate or remote door station. There are systems capable of giving you more than a single door or gate station, allowing you to be able to communicate with the base station. As soon as you press the call button on the door or gate station, the person located near the base station is alerted. From there, the person simply answers from the base station and talks to the visitor. When the release button is pressed, a signal is then sent immediately to either the electric strike or electrified lock, unlocking the door or entry gate to allow entry. Among the different systems, this one is definitely the simplest of them all.

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Benefits You’ll Get from Residential Telephone Entry Systems

It is absolutely clear that there are some major differences when talking about access control systems and their corresponding benefits. Of course, the benefits you will get always depend on the needs of your property as well as the type of models you want to go with. Nonetheless, here is a quick list of benefits you will be getting if you decide to go with residential telephone entry systems.


Improved Security

You basically have the ability to restrict entry, especially when it comes to unauthorized people. As such, your property’s overall privacy and security is increased. A telephone entry system, especially one with a buzzer, a camera, as well as other access control equipment, can easily give you the peace of mind knowing that any unwanted person will be denied access with ease.


Improved Convenience

Yes, that is right – telephone entry systems can give you much-needed convenience thanks to the existence of remote gate and door operations. There are systems, too, that you can remotely control and monitor. That way, you do not have to worry about being on the property just so you can provide or deny access. When installing telephone entry systems, you will be able to program a variety of phone numbers. If visitors try to get access, the system will be responsible for getting a hold of you by simply dialing a number or more at a time. As such, you can rest assured knowing that your visitors will always be able to find or communicate with you. So, let’s say you have a delivery or an expected guest, you will not miss them.


Great Flexibility

Sure, a lot of telephone entry intercoms may look a bit complicated to set up for a single home family property or huge building units; however, they are very simple to use. You will not have to worry if you or your visitors have no prior knowledge about these systems.

On top of all of the aforementioned, you are guaranteed that these systems will stand the test of time. That is because they are durable, waterproof, and designed to last for a very long time. Also, they come with a backlit keypad for that utmost and greater convenience.

We are a trusted residential telephone entry installation company here in Richardson and the surrounding areas. We always take into consideration whatever recommendations or best practices our manufacturers tell us. We also make sure we know every detail there is, such as safety codes, wiring procedures, and proper welding, among many others. manufacturers’ recommendations, safety codes, and proper welding and wiring procedures. Call us at (469) 212-1925 or schedule a repair service online!

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