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Understanding Call Entry Gates


Call Entry Gates

Call entry gates are a popular option for people who need to make sure that security is a top priority. Often available with the same pleasant aesthetic looks as more traditional options, that is just a bonus because these are built to keep the wrong people out and to keep people inside safe.

These gates have that name because there is a layer of security added so not just anyone can drive in. This can sometimes be quite literal with a security guard on the other side of a speaker deciding whether or not to let you in, or it can be with one of many current options that are available for people looking through their call entry options.

Call Entry Gate Service

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Finger Print Entry

This one has a fingerprint scanner that is looking for a pre-programmed thumbprint. These are able to memorize multiple thumbprints and can be a very good way of making sure that only family or a select small group of people can easily access a property.

This is a popular option although if you want guests that means they must come in with someone who is approved to open the gate via thumbprint. While this won’t be an issue for many people it might be a deal-breaker in other situations. This is definitely a situational choice for a call entry gate, but it might be the right option in high-security areas with limited access.

Call Entry Gate Service

Card System

A card system is just like it sounds like. There are so many cards programmed to allow access. If you have one, you can get in. If you don’t, no luck. This is particularly a popular option for places like luxury apartment complexes and gated communities where a lot of people need access, but they also need to be a way to limit others from coming in.

While the card system is pretty popular as a stand-alone option, it is also worth noting that this can be combined with the keypad-code system for the second layer of security. In that situation not only would you need a card but you would need to know a key code on top of it in order to get in. This is a way to add a little bit more security to both the card system and the keypad by combining the two in a way that actually does make quite a bit of sense.

Call Entry Gate Service
Call Entry Gate Service

Keypad-Code Based Security

The keypad code is another popular option. There is a numeric keypad by the gate and a code (usually 4 digits but that isn’t always the case) must be punched in before the gate will open. This is a very common security feature that can be found in many places and with many security systems, so it makes sense that there would be a call entry gate option that mimics this popular choice.

This is a great option that gives a little bit more flexibility than the thumbprint however if too many people get the security code it stops being useful. While not likely unless someone is really aiming to bust through security, there are also some ways of seeing which buttons are pushed the most, meaning for a particularly clever trouble maker this might not be the best option by itself.

Call Entry Gate Service

Automatic Vehicle ID System

It is actually possible to get a small sticker with a little bar code on your vehicle and that gets scanned by a camera which then opens the gate. Talk about advanced – the future is here!

Never Open a Gate Forcefully

While it can be tempting to try to “cheat” that one time where you forgot the card or something just isn’t working right, that’s a bad idea. First of all, you are almost certainly going to damage the car. There’s also a chance of screwing up the gate. There’s nothing good that comes from trying to force the gate open.

One thing to keep in mind is that is the gate doesn’t just open right away there could be someone on the other side trying to get access or an issue from earlier slowing things down. Have a little bit of patience and see if it works out, but don’t make the mistake of trying to bust through.

These are security gates for a reason!

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