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Do you feel like it’s time for an upgrade on your property but you’re not sure where to start? Why not consider installing a driveway gate or upgrading the one you have? You can make your home stand out in your neighborhood by making it more aesthetic or even making your home more private by creating the right boundaries.

The best part about getting a driveway gate for your home in 2020 is that there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can choose the perfect style that complements the overall aesthetic of your home.

Let’s take a look at more reasons for getting a new driveway gate this year and which type to get!

Reasons to get driveway gates

You might be asking why a driveway gate is so important and as professional gate technicians, we know that selecting the right drive way gate makes a huge difference in enhancing your living experience.

Keep intruders at bay

You can sleep better at night knowing that your property is well protected and not accessible to all kinds of intruders or people who you don’t want to engage with. Whether you’re at home or not, you can make sure that unauthorized personnel don’t have access to your living space.

Increase curb appeal and property value

Another great reason for getting a driveway gate is that it can actually enhance your curb appeal and make your home look more attractive. This also helps to increase your property’s value in case you want to sell your home in the near future.

Types of driveway gates

Single swing

This is a standard electric gate option that can be swung open using an electric gate opener.  It offers aesthetic because it’s typically available in wrought iron design. They have both, value for money and functionality.

For gates that last longer you can opt for corrosion resistant materials such as galvanized steel and specialized paint. We also advise adding wheels to the bottom to make it more efficient.

Double swing

Double swing

These kinds of gates are similar to the one above but are wider and require more space. They are perfect for letting cars come and go and also offer greater functionality with wheels at the bottom along with being aesthetic.


Slide gates consume less space when used to allow people to enter to exit but they also need more clearance space to be accommodated when the gate retracts to open. If you have the space in your driveway, you can go for slide gates for a sleeker entrance. You can choose between V-Track or Rear pipe.

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We can help you install electric gates in your driveway with special features in your home for higher security. For more information regarding choosing the right driveway gate for your property, visit our website.

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