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What Are Commercial Gates And Why Do You Need Them?  

If you are a business owner, the safety and security of your employees, customers, and guests should be at the forefront of your business concerns. In these troubled times, any step you can take to protect your business interests and the people behind it is a logical one. For these reasons, you should invest in purchasing commercial gates. If you’re in Dallas, our premier commercial gate installation and repair services are just what you need.

 The business leader who purchases commercial gates can sleep easier at night, knowing that safety requirements are getting enforced. Commercial gates help assure that unauthorized personnel is not gaining access to your property and causing security breaches. Types of businesses that are well served to consider security gate installation include high-end real estate developers, technology companies, and other companies that deal with sensitive data.

 Security gates provide more than just protection. Security gates also enhance the curb appeal and help to raise the value of your property. 

 Before deciding which type of security gate is right for your company, it’s vital to evaluate the different options and styles that are available to you. These days, there are nearly limitless options for customization.

Automated Gates

Automated gates offer a higher level of security to high-end residential communities and commercial properties. With customization options, you can configure them in multiple styles and materials to meet your specific security concerns. For safety, they remain closed unless the individual seeking passage has the correct credentials to open the gate. Automated gates offer an extra level of security due to having irreversible gear motors that make them extremely difficult to pry or open them by force. 

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Bi-Fold Gates

 Bi-Fold gates, also known as folding gates or side-folding gates require the least amount of space to install. Other benefits of bi-fold gates include they lock easily and help protect your business around the clock. It isn’t unusual to see these types of gates used in major metropolitan areas like New York as a traffic barrier. Since they feature vertical lines, visibility doesn’t get obstructed or obscured. 

Roll-Up Gates

Roll-up or roll down gates are ideal for protecting storefronts and other commercial facilities with windows, glass doors, and other features that are easily breachable with a minimal amount of force. This type of gate is durable and multifunctional. In addition to securing your storefront during hours of closure, they are helpful for blocking noise and defending against inclement weather conditions.

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Swing Gates

Swing gates are relatively large and require clearance to open and close correctly. Rollers installed on the bottom of the frame increase their efficiency. Single swing gates use one large entrance, while double swing gates utilize two individual gates. Double gates generally operate faster than a single gate, because the two sides operate in concert with each other. Swing gates are a logical and attractive security gate option for companies of all sizes and types. 

Manual Gates

Manual commercial gates are not automatic doors. For this type of barrier to function, it requires an attendant to open or close the gate as visitors arrive or leave. Depending on the nature of your business, this type of barrier may or may not be feasible for your operations. However, it does offer the added benefit of having every person entering or leaving your property getting vetted by a security guard or trusted employee. 

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Automated Gates

 Automated gates are popular because no attendant is needed to operate it. Authorized personnel can open and close the gate as required using a compatible remote control. As you can imagine, this feature helps accommodate people who keep odd hours or need to leave or enter during inclement weather. Optional access controls empower business owners to check visitors before deciding whether to grant them access.

Adding Security Protocols Impacts Your Insurance Policy

As a responsible company owner, you already have a clear understanding of the potential liabilities that could impact your operations negatively. Installing professional security gates on your property can help reduce your insurance premium. As you can imagine, this benefit, combined with higher levels of overall safety requirements on your property, is well worth investigating for the good of your company and those who work with or for you.

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