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Why Invest In Driveway Gates?

 If you want to add an extra level of security to your home or property, investing in a driveway gate is a sensible decision. Homeowners who are researching the topic of home security gates should evaluate what kind of driveway gates are suitable for their property. These days, there are many configurations to choose from. If you’re in a similar situation, our driveway gate services can help you make the right call. Get in touch with our driveway gate repair services in Dallas today!

 Security driveway gates are beautiful additions to homes and properties of all sizes. They are no longer an amenity reserved for luxury real estate communities and millionaires. In today’s uncertain times, they are a logical way to monitor and restrict access to the most precious possessions in your life – your family and your home. 

What Kind of Driveway Gates Are Available For Homeowners

Before you start shopping for security gates, here is a brief overview of some of the different styles and configurations that are popular with residential homeowners today.

Single Swing Gate

A single swing gate is a standard type of electric gate. As the name suggests, this security gate is one door that swings open and closed using electrical gate opener equipment. Typically, this type of security gate uses decorative wrought iron, so it is attractive and functional. Single swing gates offer homeowners an ideal mix of value and strength. Further, corrosion-resistant materials, including galvanized steel and specialized paint, helps assure that this security gate looks fabulous for years to come. Wheels installed on the bottom of this type of gate help to keep it operating responsively and efficiently.

Single swing gates are affordable and sensible because they are an uncomplicated and straightforward way to increase your property value, as well as the security level at your residence.

Double Swing Gates

Double swing gates are similar to single swing gates. However, in this configuration, two gates open at the same time, reducing the amount of time it takes to open and close the gate for friends, family, visitors, guests, and other authorized personnel. The installation of wheels along the bottom of the gates add efficiency and speed when in use. 

Double swing gates are stately and attractive, which is why they help increase property value and curb appeal. 

Slide Gates

Slide gates operate differently than swing gates. Instead of swinging open, they slide open and closed, similar to the way that the automatic doors in retail stores work. Slide gate installation requires a more significant amount of clearance to accommodate the gate when it is in the open position. For instance, if your driveway entrance is 20 feet wide, you’ll need approximately 25 feet of clearance on the side where the door retracts. If you don’t have enough room to provide the clearance required, this type of gate isn’t likely to work for you.

If you have the space required to install a Slide Gate, there are two common types of slide gates in which to choose. V-Track and Rear Pipe. 

V-Track slide gates are durable, and one of the most common barriers used today. However, they are not always ideal for properties that are vulnerable to ice and snow. Any obstructions can prevent the entrance from working correctly. Generally, homeowners should allow an extra three feet for the installation of their electric gate opener. 

A Rear Pipe Track Slide gate also requires extra space to accommodate for the installation of the electrical opener. How the rear pipe track slide gate differs from the V-Track is that two wheels get mounted on the fence panels. The front of the gate features a wheel carriage assembly that includes a V-Track wheel and a rubber wheel. These wheels work in concert with each other for a smoother and more efficient operation. 

Driveway Gates Stop Unauthorized Access To Your Property

If you are like most homeowners, you want to limit access to your home and property to people whom you know or trust. Driveway gates are the perfect way to assure that unauthorized personnel is not gaining entrance to your property, regardless of whether you and your family are home or not. 

By investing in a driveway gate, you can rest easy knowing that your property and home is more secure from the threat of intrusions both night and day.

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What are the things to consider when choosing a gate?

Gates serve many purposes when choosing one make sure you are making the right choice some gates are installed to just add beauty for their property but most homeowners who get them are for safety reasons. Take into consideration when installing you need to think of the size you want or even the cost within budget means.

What should I know about automatic gates?

Automatic gates are great if you decide to install one, but there are also manual overrides for automatic gates.

How do I keep my gates maintained?

Gates should be maintained regularly every year from things such as wind blowing dirt, exposure to even rain and sun. Some gates with high cycle usage require more frequent checks to make sure the gate operation system is running properly. 

What can cause the gate to not open properly?

Gates are operated either manually or mechanically. Whichever gate you decide to get they always are expected to close properly. If your gate won't close properly, it's always good to check to see if something is blocking the operation system. Sometimes the controls of the gate become defective and need to be replaced by a professional. 

Do I need to replace the batteries in my gate?

Eventually batteries wear out you will need to replace them every 2 to 4 years. You have two options for replacing them, you can replace them yourself or have us replace them for you.