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How Do You Handle Gate Diagnostics And Gate Repairs Around Your Facility?

Gate diagnostics and gate repair must be completed when you hear loud noises, notice damage to your gates, or feel as though the gate does not open or close properly. Each of the steps listed below ensures that your gates will remain in great condition, and you can talk through this process with your technician when it is time for them to come to your site.

Checking The Gate Locks

Gate diagnostics begin with a full assessment of the locks because those locks help to keep the gate closed. If your locks do not close, the gate may be damaged as the motor smacks two parts of the gate together. Plus, you are not truly safe if the gates are not locked. When the locks are damaged, you can ask your technician to replace the locks, replace the latches, or repair the locks so that they will close properly

The Frame

The frame of the gate must be checked to ensure that the metal is not bent. Your gate could be misshapen due to weather damage or a collision. However, you may not notice at first glance. Let your technician check over the entire assembly to ensure that everything lines up the way that it should. If the frame is bent, your locks will not close properly. Plus, the gate might actually cause more damage as the two doors crash together or the hinges grind into one another due to a weight imbalance.

Gate Diagnostic Services Dallas

The Guide or Slide Rail

The guide or slide rail that your gate rides on could be bent or damaged. If the gate appears from behind a wall and moves laterally, it is possible that the slide rail could have been bent by heavy winds. This means that the gate will not close properly on the other side. If the gate is not closing in the right place, the locking mechanism could be damaged. Plus, you may bend the frame or even damage the motor when it tries to close the gate completely and cannot.

Gate Diagnostic Services Dallas
Gate Diagnostic Services Dallas

The Hinges

The massive hinges for a security gate must be checked to ensure that they are opening and closing properly. If they are grinding into one another, it is impossible for you to keep the doors in good condition. Plus, the hinges could begin to rust or tear away fro the assembly if they are damaged too badly. This is a very important part of the inspection, and your Gates of Dallas repair technician can show you any damage they find.

Gate Diagnostic Services Dallas

The Motor

The motor that is included with your gate must be working in top condition at all times. While the motor has very few moving parts, it must have enough power to push the gate where it needs to go. The motor may make a loud noise or creak because it is straining to move the gate, or the motor might not have enough power to move the gate properly. The motor may begin to smoke if the internal parts are grinding on one another, or the battery may be dying. You should check all these parts of the system to ensure that the gate is running properly.

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