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About Gate Repair

When you have a gate protecting your home, your community, or your office, you must keep its structure in good condition. The gate itself has several moving parts, is quite heavy, and hence, requires efficient security measures to keep it functional. As such, you can’t handle a gate repair job on your own, and this is where our gate repair services in Dallas can help.

In addition to that, if you want to learn about common gate problems, how they are managed, and when you should call in a professional, get in touch with our auto gate motor repair services.

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How Are Gates Damaged?

Common gate problems include damaged hinges, a bent or misshapen frame, and an underpowered motor for an automatic gate. Plus, the match may not close properly, or the lock may not latch when the gate’s pieces come together. You may notice that the gate makes some very bad noises, creaks, or even grinds when it opens or closes. You should stop using the gate until you can have it repaired. While you may not enjoy it, leaving the gate open helps prevent more damage.

Bad Hinges

The hinges on your gate could be rusty, sticky, or even damaged. A gent hinge will not open or close properly. This could be the sound that you heard when the gate opened or closed. Plus, the hinges could be so rusty that they do not support the gate properly. The gate itself will continue to open and close with the sounds that you were hearing, but that does not mean it is not damaged. In fact, the hinges could break away at any time.

Underpowered Motors

The motor on your gate might be the real problem. When you have a technician on your property repairing gates, you should ask them to check the motor. If the motor does not use enough power, it may not close the latches or locks properly. Because of this, the locks and latches may smack together instead of simply closing. If the motor is underpowered, it may not use enough force to prevent the parts of the hinges from grinding together. These cause wear on the hinges that could allow rust to grow or simply break down the assembly.

Bent Frames

Repairing gates requires that your technician inspects the entire frame, hinges, and the motor. If the frame is dented in any way, it will not close the way that it should. Plus, the gate’s pieces will damage one another every time they open and close. You may not be able to see the damage to the gate’s frame, but that damage is causing problems.

When the frame of the gate is dented, it must be removed, reshaped, and hung properly. The gate will not be weighted properly when it is bent, and you also must remember that the gate may not completely lock even though you think it is. Check your gates at least once a week to see if they are locking properly. When you notice the locks and latches are not closing in the way that they should, you may request a lock repair.

Damaged Latches And Locks

Locks and latches can be damaged at any time because they must fit together perfectly to work. You are likely not watching the gate as it opens and closes during the day, and you could have a small amount of damage that is hard to see. Some of the creaking and grinding that you hear might be the latches or locks trying to close unsuccessfully.

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