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Automatic gates are great assets to residential as well as commercial properties. They improve the security of the property by limiting access of unauthorized vehicles. They are also known to improve the curb appeal and aesthetic value of homes, often adding to their market value when it’s time to sell them.

The return on automatic gates can further be improved with some easy steps, allowing you to make more of this investment.

Here are some ways to improve the efficiency of your automatic gates:

Keep the gate well lubricated


Our experts recommend lubricating various parts of your automatic gates every 6 months. doing so more frequently is also a great idea.

A well lubricated gate will open and close efficiently as the wear and tear is reduced. This one maintenance step can increase the lifespan of the gates.

It’s easy to lubricate automatic gates, check the chain, pulley, screws, hinges, etc. and apply lubricant every couple of months.

A more efficient motor

More efficient motors for automatic gates have been introduced in the market recently. They work at a higher speed allowing gates to open and close quicker, making for better security.

Homeowners with relatively older automatic gates would benefit from replacing the motors in their automatic gate system.

Improved antenna

The antenna within an automatic gate system typically has a range of 100 to 150 feet max, however, adding a more effective, long-range antenna to the system can improve its function. You can double the reach with a newer, more advanced antenna which means you can control the gates from a further distance away. This feature is useful for homes with a longer driveway. An improved antenna also boosts the performance of the overall system, especially in rural areas where signals tend to be poor.

Internal controls

The controls on automatic gates have been improved over the years. There are number of controls you can now use to open and close the gates, from card readers, to keypads, and even sensors. Investing in a more convenient internal controls system allows you to manage the gate from the comfort of your home.

Let’s say you upgrade to a touchscreen panel that’s light controlled. You can adjust the settings on your gates from your home, like setting a timer or receiving notifications.

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