Everlast Gates

Electric gates offer incredible convenience because they allow homeowners to enter the house without them getting out of their cars. Instead, anyone with access to the remote control can open the gate with a simple touch of a button. 

However, like anything technical, sliding gates aren’t 100% immune to problems. There are several reasons why electric gates can be annoying for homeowners. Unless you correct these problems without wasting time, the gates could become damaged beyond repair, and then you might have to replace it. 

Weird sounds coming out of the gate

Sometimes, an electric gate can create a strange kind of sound for reasons that are not clear to non-technical homeowners. A grinding sound usually means the moving hardware parts which move the gates together have worn out. This problem can be fixed by repairing the parts or having them reassembled to a new fitting. What’s important is that you let an expert diagnose and assist you with the problem.


Electric gates use sensors to detect and trigger motion. However, if for some reason, these sensors are blocked, the electric gates don’t open. Make sure that the tracks of the automatic gate are always clean from the dust particles and rust so that the sensor will work as intended. Moss and mold can also cause similar obstruction, so it should be removed as soon as possible. 

Electricity problem

Automatic gates need a constant supply of electricity to open and close. A power failure will make the electric gates completely useless. If a power cutout is a reason behind the electric gate malfunction, make sure that the gate gets uninterrupted electricity. 

Low batteries in remote control

Sometimes it’s not the gate, it is the remote control that needs to be checked. Without remote control, you can’t operate an electric gate that needs batteries to function. However, if the batteries in the remote control start to fade, you will see a red light that doesn’t blink. Having these batteries replaced and trying again will solve your problem. 

Blocked Gate tracks 

Electric gates operate on their specific track. Having some kind of obstruction on the gate tracks can cause the gate to be stuck and as a result, the gate fails to open or close properly. If you face a similar situation, clean tracks and remove any obstruction on it so the gate will operate properly. 

Old security system

Electric gates use electronic receivers to get and interrupt the signals from the remote control and act accordingly. If your receiver is old, you may face problems with the opening and closing process of the gates. You can find a local gate repair service to reprogram the remote. To make everything work, always make sure that batteries in the remote control are fully charged and your transmitter/receiver is working.

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