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About Residential Gates

Residential gates add an elegant touch to a home while acting as a beneficial safety measure. They make your home secure, safe, and look illustrious. There are many kinds of gates that you can install, and our residential gate services can help you pick out the right one. In this article, we will discuss a few different gate options for adding a nice touch to your home’s exterior. We will also discuss the process of residential gate installation and how to operate and maintain them.

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Residential Gate Installation

Installing residential gates can have various amounts of intensive labor involved depending on many factors. The size, design intricacy, and functionality of the gate all play a role in how complex the installation will be. Many people opt to get their gate designed and installed because they would rather have an expert take care of the installation. For some smaller and simple gates, the installation can be much easier, however, and oftentimes they can be installed by the homeowner.

Custom Residential Gates

Single Walk Swing Gate

The single walk push gate is probably the smallest and simplest out of all the kinds of gates. Opening this gate is easily achieved by pushing it open. The gate is called “single walk” because it is made to secure a sidewalk and is only wide enough for people and pets to pass through. These gates are convenient and add an extra layer of protection for you and your family on your property. For gates that allow cars to pass, keep reading!

The double-drive push gate is probably the most common kind of gate. This is the big gate that you see outside of grand homes that are pushed open and closed for cars to enter and exit. These gates add a lot of security because they are intimidating and imply that the home is well-protected. Double-drive push gates are also customizable and can add to the overall decoration of the house. Exterior designers will often strategically place a beautiful-looking gate around the property to add to the home’s aesthetic. For an upgraded version of the double drive swing gate, see our following kind of gate!

Custom Residential Gates
Custom Residential Gates

Sliding Gate

The sliding gate is a double drive gate with a sliding feature that can be either manual or automatic. One of the best kinds of gates is the automatic sliding gate because it is secure and convenient. Once you are approaching your home’s gate, the gate either senses your vehicle and begins to open, or you need to push a button to begin the opening process. The gate simply slides horizontally on a track to open for the car to pass. A sliding gate is a great way to impress your guests straightaway at the entryway. It adds an elegant but modern touch to the exterior of your home, all while offering top-notch security. These gates may be more pricey, but many people promise that they are well worth the money.

Residential Gate Operation and Maintenance

The operation of a residential gate is often very intuitive. Gates often come with an operation manual so the owner can easily use the gate. Some higher-end gates like sliding gates will sometimes have a security pad outside the gate. Before using the gate, the user will simply need to program their security keypad with a security code of their choosing. This is for the utmost home security providing an impenetrable border around the property.

Maintenance of the gate can often also be solved by the homeowner. If there is a malfunction, the homeowner could go to YouTube and see if there are any videos available where the uploader faced a similar problem. If there is no solution to be found, then a maintenance person can be called to the home and fix the gate. These maintenance calls are usually relatively inexpensive and can be done pretty quickly.

Custom Residential Gates
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