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Installing an electric gate for the driveway isn’t cheap these days. If you are uncertain whether you should have an electric gate in your residential space or not, this article is for you. 

An electric gate is expensive for a variety of reasons. In fact, you can consider the cost of installing an electric gate as one of its disadvantages but when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and the sense of security, no price seems to be big enough. To keep everything in perspective, let’s discuss its pros and cons. 

Pros of Electric Gates for Driveway

With electric gates becoming a norm, it’s important to understand that it’s more than just the style and luxury that it adds to your house. One of the most popular and authentic reasons for having an electric gate for your driveway is for security purposes. Whether you are using the basic system or have integrated advanced security solutions, such as CCTV, it makes it very difficult for wrong people to break into your property. With a high electric gate, you add a physical obstacle to the burglars that is hard to break. 

Electric gates are convenient but they offer great help in areas with really cold environments. These electric driveway gates eliminate the need for you to get out of your car just to open the gate. You can use an easy-access system like remote control or gate intercom to open your gate. So, whether it’s late at night or very freezing temperature, you can get inside the house without facing the harsh external conditions. 

In the old days gates used to be strong, heavy, and aesthetically unattractive. But electric gates are different as they rely on technology to provide security and privacy to anyone living inside the house. There are a huge array of designs and styles available in the electric gates, each with different designs to suit your property and budget. The material used in electric driveway gates is quite durable and timeless to survive against tough weather conditions. Whatever design, style, or material you choose, an electric gate will add an element of luxury, elegance, and affluence to your property. 

Cons of Electric Driveway Gates

With all the advantages listed above, it is only fair if we discuss the potential cons that come with an electric driveway gate. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of an electric gate is its dependence on electricity. So, if there is a power cut or electricity circuit failure, you may have to get some help from experts which would be not only annoying but also expensive.  

Another disadvantage is its cost. It could be the installation cost, repair cost, or maintenance cost. You need to spend a few extra thousands to keep it functional and secure. If you can afford electric driveway gates, these are super helpful for anyone living inside the property. 


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