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Understanding Available Options.

About Sliding Gates

There is a remarkable array of options when it comes to finding the right sliding gate for a property. Aside from many different brands and aesthetic choices, there are three main styles of sliding gates that customers can choose from. While this might seem a bit out of their wheelhouse at first glance, it’s important to do the research to understand just what the available options are and how they work. This will help you to make a smart decision when the time comes to get the right fit.

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Sliding Gates

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Why A Sliding Gate

As for the question of “Why a sliding gate?” there are much better answers than a shrug of the shoulders or a “Why not?” The truth is that sliding gates have enjoyed a worldwide surge in popularity, and part of that is because of the versatility of uses and styles that they bring to the table.

These are gates that are fantastic for security, easy to use, and still bring a strong sense of style to the table. When properly set up and installed, they are incredibly sturdy, good for security, and yet easy to arrange so each member of the family can get in and out at will. Add in the fact they look good, are incredibly stylish, and very reasonably priced considering everything you get and there’s a lot to like about them.

Track Sliding Gates

These are perhaps the most common style of sliding gate, and the name says it all when it comes to how they function. These gates move on an actual rail track that is installed on the ground. This can be used for a residence, a commercial property, or even an office premises.

These do require care and maintenance but as long as that is kept up with, these gates are known for operating well and smoothly, working with minimal noise and friction. Because the track needs to be laid in the ground this does also take some work upfront, but it is very much worth it.

Sliding Gates

Telescopic Sliding Gates

This is a multi-component style of the system where multiple components move at different speeds but the end result is that they reach their destination at the same time. These are much more unusual than track sliding gates or cantilever sliding gates and are generally only used in specialized situations. Chances are one of the first two options in this article will be the best way for buyers to go.

Sliding Gates

Cantilever Sliding Gates

When you love the idea of a sliding gate but there is no option for using ground tracks for whatever reason, then this is where the cantilever sliding gates then come into play. These have two heavy-duty poles set into the ground for more support and two separate sets of roller wheels that then allows a sliding gate that moves from one side to the other without the need of ground tracks.

This is often the choice for where track sliding gates would work well, but because of heavy traffic, the idea of having any type of obstruction on the ground is a non-starter

Sliding Gates

Understanding Ground Track Options

When it comes to the track sliding gates, putting a track into the ground means that you will absolutely have to dig up some of the ground, install the sliding gate, and that means there will be some obstruction above the ground. If this isn’t desirable then the Cantilever style really is the only way to go if you still want a sliding gate.


Finding A Favorite Aesthetic

There are many different-looking gates out there and the styles and designs can vary immensely. Cast iron is traditional and classic because of the old wrought iron gates. There are many options that replicate this appearance while not having the weight issues which makes the sliding gates possible while keeping the appearance. The bars can be extremely close together or they can have that traditional space apart look. The options for customers really are numerous and impressive.

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What are some Benefits of Sliding Gates?

You must have heard about more people getting sliding gates for their places. It doesn’t matter if you own a small place or big one, it’s a commercial area or residential complex, security is the essential element you can’t simply ignore. The most important part of the security system is the gate, which is the main entry or exit point of the property.

Due to the growing trend of sliding gates these days, you can easily find a huge variety of the types of gates available in the market. The biggest edge of the sliding gate over an ordinary gate is its aesthetic appeal that many property owners keep in mind while making the purchase decision. You can have different types of sliding gates from manual gates to the automated gates, the list goes on. However, most of the property owners prefer automated sliding gates over the manual option.

Here are a few benefits of sliding gates

Security – Having a secure gate and lock system isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Knowing that your loved ones are secure and safe gives you a peace of mind, and sliding gates are perfect to make your property inaccessible to unauthorized access.

Saves Space – Sliding gates are perfect if you don’t have a lot of space. Unlike swing gates, these sliding gates don’t need space to swing while opening or closing. Sliding gates take up less space and if you have limited space either in a residential building or commercial area, you can safely choose to install the sliding gates. Getting automatic sliding gates is an even better option but it can be a little pricey. You can use the extra space for gardening or park your car without getting worried about gates being swung in or out in that space.

Provide Convenience – Swing gates can be huge and heavy to open whereas the sliding gates are so convenient to handle. These are usually light-weight as compared to the swing gates and can be handled by kids. Also, during the rainy season, you can avoid getting wet in the rain, if you have an automatic sliding gate installed at your main entrance. You don’t need to worry if the gates are closed or not after being inside the house as these would close automatically.

Aesthetic Appeal – As we have mentioned before, you can find a huge variety in terms of designs, size, and material. You also decide which drive system and safety devices you want to integrate to make it more secure. You are provided with a range of control features in case of sliding gates.

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