Everlast Gates

Automated vs. Manual Gates: A Comparative Analysis

A juxtaposition of a classic manual gate and a sleek automated one.

The entrance to our homes, our gates, can be both a stylish statement and a protective barrier. As technology has advanced, homeowners are presented with a choice: the classic manual gate or the contemporary automated counterpart. How does one decide? Here, we dive deep into a comparative analysis to guide you. Weighing the Pros and […]

Incorporating Technology into Traditional Gates

A traditional wrought-iron gate enhanced with a modern biometric reader.

The age-old charm of traditional gates has stood as a symbol of elegance, status, and security. But as we progress into a more digitized era, the question arises – how do we merge the timeless aesthetic of these gates with the rapid advancements in technology? The Importance of Blending Tradition with Modern Conveniences 1. Traditional […]

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