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Are you interested in buying a gate for your driveway? The primary reason for having a wrought iron driveway gate is to protect your property and ensure its security. A driveway gate is meant to protect the entrance of your house by being a physical barrier between your house and unauthorized people outside. Finding an iron gate in the market might seem an easy task, but how can you tell if it’s good enough? Getting the right gate for your house can become even harder if you have to go through all the designs and choices available at the vendor. Let’s take a deeper look and see what things you should consider when buying a high-quality iron gate for your residential space. 

The Material

This is perhaps the most important point to consider. The best iron gate is one that is strong and looks solid from both sides. Some vendors might use separate parts and combine these with screws and rivets which work fine on an aluminum fence but it doesn’t work with an iron or steel gate. You might also feel attracted to wooden gates because they are slightly inexpensive and easier to install. But you must realize that iron driveway gates last longer and require far less maintenance than wooden gates. On top of that iron driveway gates offer the strongest possible defense against any external force or tough weather conditions. If you are trying to protect your family and house, then you might find it worth the extra money you have to spend to buy an iron driveway gate. 

The Size

You should also pay special attention to the width and height of the driveway gate. If you are trying to keep unauthorized people out, or want to protect small kids or pets in your house from going outside, then you need a driveway gate that is high enough to separate the inside environment from the outside. You can also reduce the spacing of vertical bars of your iron driveway gate so your pets won’t be able to leave the safety of the house. You can also choose between the sturdy walls or pillars to hold the weight of the gate. 

The Design and Finishing

The last factor that could impact the overall cost and aesthetic appeal of your property is the design and the finishing of the gate you choose. There are a huge array of designs and finishing choices available in the market and choosing the right one can be really overwhelming. Here the price can be an element to judge the quality of the finish. The cheaper galvanizing is, the less cost you have to spend on it. But this will also reduce the lifespan of the finish. The best and probably the most expensive method is to use molten zinc to cover the whole gate which keeps it rust proof for many years to come. 

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