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If you own a car and a garage to keep it safe, then probably you have a driveway as well. Naturally, every property needs some kind of physical barrier or fence structure around it to keep it protected from unauthorized access. Having a fence around any property means that you also need some kind of fence gate or driveway gate. Although fence gates aren’t usually big enough and only good to let one or two individual people pass through. And if you also own a car, you need a driveway gate as you cannot fit or drive a car through a fence gate.

 Just because driveway gates are meant to give a path to cars, it doesn’t mean that you can just pick and install any type of gate on your driveway. Obviously, driveway gates also protect your residential or commercial property, certain things need to be considered before driveway gate installation. 

Types of Driveway Gates

Driveway gates come in many types and you can have the driveway gate installation depending on your space, climate conditions, and budget. Driveway gates have types like swing gates, retractable slide gates, and overhead driveway gates. You can also choose between a single or a double entrance gate. Single driveway gate installation will be cheaper and take less time. But a double gate will add an element of luxury. 

Gate Design

If you live in a neighbourhood that has some restrictions on the types of gates you can have, you can ask them to find out if it restricts the size, design, or color, or width of the gate. You can also choose the design of the gate depending on the privacy level you want. It is not difficult to ask your vendor to create a more personalized design for your gate or choose a material that is appropriate for the design. 

Gate Material

Gate manufacturers use several materials to build driveway gates. You can choose to use redwood since this is stronger, lighter, and has great resistance against harsh weather conditions. You can also choose a vinyl or wrought iron driveway gate. When it comes to gate frames we recommend using steel because this is more durable and is capable of holding the whole structure for many years to come. Moreover, if you want something stronger and more durable than steel, you can go for a slightly more expensive option – that is stainless steel. 

Driveway Gate Installation

Although it is an obvious one, many homeowners don’t consider it important. You can have the strongest and most beautiful driveway gate in the neighborhood but if the driveway gate installation isn’t done by professionals, it might not be able to stand against intruders and weather for long.

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