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You can increase the value of your home by adding a beautiful metal gate to your garden or lawn. Besides increasing home security and privacy, metal driveway gates have other advantages. Subliminally, they communicate what is inside a building. Making a lasting impression on your guests is possible with a metal driveway gate. Metal is therefore a popular material for driveway gates. 

Since thousands of years ago, this substance has been used to create a stunning entrance. Properly maintained wrought-metal driveway gates will last for decades. Custom wrought-iron gates are available at Everlast Gates. Small or large, complex or simple, it doesn’t matter to us.

Metal Driveway Gates: Why Everlast Gates Make The Best Choice?

EverLast Gates has been manufacturing metal driveway gates for many years. We serve the Dallas area. 

Find out why iron gates are more effective than others below: 

  • Designed for high-security environments, EverLast Gates’ metal driveway gates are thicker.
  • For those looking for maximum security, wrought iron is the perfect driveway gate material.
  • Aluminum and wood gates are light and easy to install, but metal gates are heavier and more difficult to fix and operate than their aluminum and wood counterparts.
  • Wrought iron also requires annual maintenance if you live in a humid environment. If you have rubbed or chipped the paint on your wrought iron fence, you should paint it at least once a year. This will prevent rust spots from forming.

Are metal driveway gates right for you? 

Our diverse collection of styles can be customized to fit any aesthetic or taste. You get an additional layer of protection as well as aesthetic appeal with a drive gate. 

Moreover, if you have a metal driveway gate that needs maintenance or repair? Our trucks are fully stocked, so we can normally fix the gate on-site, regardless of whether we built it or not.

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