Everlast Gates

In recent years, automatic gates have almost completely replaced the traditional and manual gates and that’s for good reason. Automatic gates are far more convenient, comfortable, and flexible than manual ones. Although they may seem like an expensive choice, these gates are becoming more affordable. There is a huge variety of gates you can choose from according to your needs and budget.

Here are 3 major things you should consider for automatic gate installation:

Swing or Slide

Before even starting automatic gate installation, you need to decide whether you want to go for a swing gate or sliding gates. Swing automatic gate installation is carried out for flat areas or minor slopes whereas the sliding gates are more versatile. These do not require free room in the surrounding area. You just need to slide the gate to the wall or side fence. These can be installed on either flat terrain or a slope without any problem.

The operating system for automatic gate installation

There are usually two kinds of operating systems that are used in any type of automatic gate installation. The hydraulic systems are the more sophisticated ones and offer silent functionality while having a longer useful life with low maintenance requirements. They typically offer better resistance as well. The only drawback with hydraulic systems is their cost which is slightly higher than their electromechanical counterparts.

Access Control system

You can improve the security of your house almost by 2x a factor by adding more types of access control features. You can also integrate a wired or wireless keypad along with a wireless transmitter and remote control to enable only authorized access to your internal premise. The voice intercoms are also considered vital to have a secure surrounding. If you can afford it, having a video intercom system also delivers a higher level of security.


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