Everlast Gates

The iron wrought driveway gates can add a touch of luxury and style to any residential property. Along with the privacy and security it offers, the gates will have a great impact on anyone entering the property. Based on the size, design, and budget, a homeowner can also consider the installation of automatic driveway gates. 

However, the driveway gates need regular maintenance and care to prevent damage from harsh climate change and weather conditions. Driveway gates have to face moisture and dust which can cause rust on iron wrought structures. You can refinish the driveway gates to look these fresh and as good as new.

Steps to improve the look of driveway gate

Here are simple tips you can follow to take care of your driveway gate for long-lasting life and the impression of luxury. 

Remove the rust

To achieve a professional finish you need to prepare the surface first. While this may seem time-consuming but you have to make sure that all rust, flak, and loose paint is removed. You can use a brush to scrub the gate. However, you need to be careful not to hurt yourself and use appropriate gloves and glasses. 

Create the surface smooth

You have to create a smooth surface before applying the primer and paint. You can use simple sandpaper to rub the surface between gate railings and design curves. You may have to apply some force to get a clean finish but don’t force too hard. 

Remove the rust residue

Once you remove the rust, use steel wool or smaller abrasive pads to remove the remaining rust over the area that needs rubbing. It is a good way to start rubbing the pad into the corners and design of the iron-wrought gate. After rubbing the states with the sandpaper, you have to wipe these using a rag to remove the loosened rust. 

Apply the primer

You can make the paint last longer by using a high-quality primer paint as a base. You also need to consider the alkyd-based primer paint as these are considered to be more effective for iron gates. For a high-quality finish, you can also check for the instructions listed on the paintbox. You should spray the primer on the gates only after cleaning the rust stains. 

Refinish the gate with new paint

Once the primer gets dry, you have to apply a coat of exterior paint specific for metal or iron driveway gates. You can use spray paint to get a smoother finish. Give some time for the first coat of paint to dry. Once the paint is dried, observe if the gates need a second coat. While applying the cost you need to ensure that the whole gate is covered and you don’t miss out on any curves or spots that are hard to miss. Have a good look at your gate as if you miss any corner, it will look bad and unaesthetic. 

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