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Most homeowners prefer electric gates for both residential properties. These offer a great sense of security, comfort, and convenience for people living in the house and using driveways on the daily basis. There are various types of electric gates for driveway available in the market and you can choose one that fits best your needs and budget.

These electric gates for driveways have come recently but gained too much popularity in a short span of time. Because of the convenience and level of security these gates provide. Installing an electric gate can be slightly more expensive than the traditional gate but over time the prices are coming down and it’s easier now to find professional installation and support service these days.

There is a range of electric gates for driveway available in the market. And choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created a guide for you. Here are a few types of electric gates you might see in the market.

Articulated gate

This gate is gaining popularity among homeowners. As far as its design is concerned, it looks like several small gates being connected. These gates suited for small spaces and were easy to install.

Swinging gate

Swing electric gates for the driveway use a powerful motor to open and close the gate back and forth. The motor releases enough energy to swing the gate. These types of gates are installed at the space where there is enough space to swing the sides. These gates are usually made of wrought iron and that’s why it carries lots of weight.

Sliding gate

These types of gates operate using a chain and pulley system. The gate itself is placed on a platform with a small wheel. Sliding gates are also powered by an electric motor and can be easily controlled by remote control. These gates are well suited for short driveways.


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