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Electric gates for the driveway use electric motors to open and close the structure. These motors get the signal from a transmitter installed in the remote control which can be used from the comfort of a car. Electric gates are as strong as the regular gates, in fact, these are better than the regular ones in terms of convenience. 

Imagine, you come back from the office at the light after working late hours, it’s cold and rainy outside, and you have to get outside of the car, just to open the gate. If this has happened to you, it’s time to install an electric gate for the driveway. Just like many homeowners, you might be putting off the idea of having an electric driveway gate just because it might seem too expensive, or you don’t think that it’s reliable enough. Think again. In this article, I have listed everything you need to know about electric gates. 

Electric gates are secured 

Electric gates for driveways have come along a long way since they were introduced for residential properties. They are more efficient and, to my surprise, could be even less expensive than regular gates depending on the design and material used. Electric gates are getting cheaper with the growth of technology in our daily lives and now you have more options in gates than in the past. 

Electric gates are not that expensive 

Electric gates for the driveway can now have a single or double panel, depending on the space of the driveway you have. Single sliding gates are less expensive, easier to install and repair, while due to a single panel it takes very less space compared to a double panel gate. Swinging gates can have a resign hinge that enables a gate to open on a slope as well. You can also opt for a bifold automated gate if that is what you like most. To save electricity, you can also replace electric batteries with solar-powered batteries that are obviously less expensive. 

Electric gates are super convenient

Some electric gates come with software programming that enables them to control with smartphone apps. By integrating an intercom and camera with an electric gate, you can have a complete security system that allows you to see the visitor even before opening the gate. Just like remote control, a keypad transmitter adds an extra layer of security. 

Electric gates for the driveway aren’t as simple as regular manual gates. You might need the help of professional gate technicians who can do the job for you. You can find a reliable and affordable garage door repair and installation service provider in your area who can install the electric gate properly.

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