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Automatic driveway gates are the perfect combination of aesthetics and a strong defense system. In recent years, we have seen the growing trend of installing automatic driveway gates by homeowners. Automatic gates are equally protective as regular gates with an additional advantage of being convenient. Normally, this type of gate is slightly more expensive than the manual type. The added cost goes to the mechanism that opens and shuts the gate with the remote control access system. 

Due to the increase in the use of these gates, you can find a wide array of options available in the market. In fact, you don’t even have to buy a ready-to-install gate, because many manufacturers can make great gates according to the design or style you prefer. 

So, what are the things you should consider when you are planning to buy an automatic driveway gate for your house? 

Is it secure? 

Automatic gates could definitely be used to add a touch of luxury and style but, you should always consider the security of your house as a top priority. As some designs or driveway gates are not suitable if you want to restrict the access of strangers without any guard. 

A secure driveway gate has to be high, strong enough to stand against weather and any external force. Spikes on the top could add more restriction to anyone intended to jump over your gate. But that doesn’t mean that your house has to look like an ugly jail. Have some research and decide on how you want to keep the gate and appearance of the house. 

How should it open? 

Decide how you want to open the gate. Do you want a driveway gate that swings open or slides open? The sliding gate is usually seen in properties where there is limited space for a full-swing of the gate to open. If you choose the swing gate, the direction of the swing-in is important as it would need more space. Then there is another factor – price. You can choose a single, double swing gate, or slide gate depending on the pricing as well. 

Then there is an opening kit used to open the automatic driveway gate. You have a wide range of options including remote control, keypad control system, and intercom. All of these have different requirements and price tags. If you are not sure about which gate you need, you can call a garage door repair and installation company for advice. They work with these gates on a daily basis and can recommend to you the automatic driveway gate that fits best to your budget and the space of your house. 

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