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Automatic gates control keep unauthorized vehicles off the property and can reduce the risk of burglaries, all while improving the aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, homeowners with pets and little kids need to be more careful than others. There have been instances in the past where children have sustained injuries due to automatic gates and while automatic gates have come a long way since then, parents still need to be careful.

Have the system installed by a professional

First and foremost, make sure your automatic gate system is installed by a professional. Employing a service with plenty of experience in the industry and a good reputation ensures your home’s gates are installed correctly, lowering the chances of the gates malfunctioning or breaking down. This not only keeps your kids safe, since all the components of the gate are working well, but it also means you save money on frequent costly repairs.

Upgrade the motor


Older automatic gates tend to have motors that are slow in their system. Over the years the motor tends to slow down as well. The automatic gates tend to open and close slowly as a result. This can be a hazard for kids and pets. A slow motor gives a child or pet ample time to wander off your property, it also allows wild animals to access your property.

Upgrade the motor in your system so that the gates move faster on the tracks and improve the security of your home.

Invest in a better antenna

The range of antennas in automatic gate systems tend to be between 100 to 150 feet. This range isn’t useful for homes with long driveways. Which means the controls for the gate are located outside your home. Leaving the kids unsupervised at home for even a few minutes can be dangerous, therefore you’re better off investing in an antenna with a wider range. The internal controls will be indoors and more convenient for you to use.

Keep up with maintenance

Regular maintenance services improve the efficiency of your automatic gates and reduces the chances of them breaking down. Make sure you’re lubricating the pulley, chains, and other vital parts of the system as instructed by the technicians during installation. This prevents wear and tear and improves the lifespan of the system too.

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