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In a word, yes!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home security system, now’s as good of a time as any to install an intercom system. A useful security feature that allows you to vet visitors before they enter your property, an intercom system can save you from trespassers and potential burglars.

But that’s not all there is to it! Everlast Gates has the lowdown on what makes intercom systems such unique and important features for residential security!

What Are The Benefits of Intercom Systems?

–         It’s Easier to Receive Guests

Get a lot of visitors? Intercoms allow you to check who’s at the gate before you let them in.

No more walking to the gate, opening it, inquiring about people’s identity, and more. A push of a button opens the gate, and the automatic feature closes the door behind them, keeping your home safe and sound.

–         You Can Control Access Remotely

Many intercom systems now come with online features and apps so you can access your home’s front gate, even when you’re not there.

This can be a handy feature if you have relatives visiting, delivery services bringing in packages, or kids coming home from school.

–         There’s No Panic if You Don’t Have Your Keys

Have you left your keys on the dinner table at home? Not a problem!

Intercom systems are a great way of avoiding getting locked out of the home. Many intercom systems come with built-in keypads that you can enter an encrypted code on.

All you have to do is type it in, and for your safety, change it once you’re home. This will decrease the chances of someone guessing your code.

–         Bespoke Technology

Intercom systems aren’t all the same. Here at Everlast Gates, we install many intercom systems with different features and tools that provide extensive security for commercial and residential properties.

Fitted with keycard panels, speakers, video equipment, and more, these intercom systems are designed based on the client’s needs.

Upgrading Private Security

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