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Have you ever driven up to your house, got out of your vehicle at your gate to open it, only to realize that you need to back up your car to give enough space to the swing doors? Swing gates are pretty awesome if you have someone to open and close for you all the time, otherwise, they are just extra work. 

Sliding gates, however, on the perimeter fences around your property would add convenience and works great even if you have limited space.  Because they slide along the fence-line, sliding gates don’t require as much space as swing gates. 

Sliding gates on residential vs. commercial property

Sliding gates work perfectly for residential property but most commonly these are found in commercial space where steel fencing is used along with the gate. They remove the need for people to have to swing the partition open completely in a manner that it doesn’t swing shut itself. 

Benefits of sliding gates

Most of the time homeowners are faced with the question – To swing or to slide. The main difference between the two is that the sliding gates slide along the fence while swinging gates swing open and closed in a wide space. Sliding gates are a great option if you have limited space. Rather than having a gate that operates inwards or outwards, sliding gates either use a track or a trackless cantilever system. 

Security perspective

The biggest advantage of a sliding gate is increased security. Sliding gates are also hard to break-in because they don’t have any hinges or hinge pins. A thief can pop up hinge pins out and remove the entire gate without causing so much trouble for him. 


Sliding gates can have electric motors hooked to them so you don’t even have to get out of your car to open the gate. Automotive sliding gates are easy to install and are very low-cost compared to the pat. These gates can be operated or controlled through remote control or some kind of panel. That allows you to enter your residential or commercial property without getting out of your car in the windy or rainy season. 


Sliding gates are an affordable piece of a security system but they look really stylish and expensive. Having automotive sliding gates installed at your property will not only add an element of luxury and beauty but will also increase the sales value of your property instantly. 


No matter what type of fencing you have installed around your property you can never go wrong with the sliding gates. These gates are quite durable and last long. Sliding gates are available in all kinds of materials and sizes. If you feel confused or overwhelmed with the options available in the market, you can consult a garage door company. They can recommend the gate which fits best your budget and security requirements.

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