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An electric or automatic gate is the latest way to add more luxury, style, and an extra layer of protection to the house. But don’t worry. Electric gate installation isn’t as expensive as it looks. You can have a gate of your own choice within your budget if you take care of some important facts.

Automatic vs. manual gate

Not many homeowners would know or even consider this, but automatic or electric gate installation doesn’t mean having a gate that doesn’t work without automation. Any gate that works with electricity must work properly as a manual traditional gate too. Adding automation equipment may add an extra layer of complication and effort during the electric gate installation.

Electric gate installation that works

Electric gate installation quality is very much location-dependent as well. For example, gates on slopes can cause problems. One should avoid fitting gates in slopes that run uphill. This would only put an extra strain on the automation machinery and may not work as intended after a longer period of time.

To ensure that electric gate installation is working properly, check the quality and make of the equipment chosen. It should be suitable according to the specification as laid down by the manufacturer of the electric gate you are going to install at your premise.

Equipment for Electric gate installation

When fitting underground motors, look for any suitable drainage. These motors are designed to support electric gate installation underground and not underwater.

Most of this equipment comes with some kind of water resistance level. For example, IP67 means that the particular equipment shouldn’t stay underwater for longer than 30 minutes. Ingress of water is harmful to the sensitive circuitry in the equipment. You can ask the vendor or test yourself to see if the equipment you purchase can substance 30min underwater immersion or not.

Electric gate installation is far more complicated than regular gate installation and does require professional assistance. It may cost you a little bit but you will get a secure and reliable electric gate installation.

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