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Sliding gates provide instant security to your residential or commercial property. Ensuring that your gate is in good shape helps to have a sense of security. It ensures the security of your loved ones from intruders and unwanted access. 

Sliding gates are super breakable and anyone can easily break-in if you haven’t protected your sliding gate properly or have ignored other necessary security measures to secure your residential property. If the sliding gate is weak or old, it can cause you a security threat and inconvenience at the same time. So how do you protect your sliding gates from unwanted access? 

You can try the following simple tips to protect your residential property from unauthorised people:

Secure your gate’s motor

Sliding gates use electrical motors to function as intended. If the gate’s current motor isn’t working properly, the gate might open or close really slow or it might get stuck to a point where you won’t be able to get out of the gate. It is important to do proper maintenance of the gate and its motors so you don’t have to face a broken or damaged gate situation. For an automatic sliding gate, you can add a bracket to your gate motor. This will reduce the chances of a forced entry and motor theft. 

Use proper locks

Sliding doors are vulnerable as they use latches instead of locks that aren’t too hard to break. If not properly protected, an experienced bulger can find a way to get the sliding door off its track and out of the way, which usually doesn’t require any special tools. 

Insert blocking bars

Sliding gates can be made strong with the help of block bars. You can install a metal blocking bar along with the sliding door’s bottom track. Even if someone manages to defeat the latch, the physical barrier makes it hard to push the door off the track. The bar should be long enough to support the minimal way. Another option is to use a folded arm to block the door opening. Instead of sliding along the gate, it bends down when you open the gate. 

Use alarm systems

Using alarm systems to protect your sliding door and overall home is a good idea. Most modern days alarm systems come with a door/window sensor also known as an entry sensor. You can monitor every open and close motion by attaching these sensors to doors. If someone applies an external force to open the door, the alarm starts to make sounds and you can call for immediate help or take necessary actions. 

Install window film

Sliding doors are super vulnerable to an external force. To protect your gate you can apply a window film with a polyethylene coat that keeps a broken sliding glass door from a complete failure, putting an extra layer of security against unauthorised access. Depending on your personal preference you can choose a transparent or tinted security film.

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