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The traditional sliding gate is mounted on wheels and slides along a track. These gates are usually single units that stow along one side of the driveway opening, along a fence or property line. Alternatively, bi-parting gates can be stowed on either side of a driveway opening. They are an alternative to traditional gates in areas with high foot traffic. Installation sliding gates can improve the curb appeal of your house.  

Why you should consider installing Sliding Gate?

A large part of the reason sliding gates are so popular around the world is that they are versatile in their use and styles.

They’re great for security, easy to use, and still bring a strong sense of style. They are extremely sturdy, good for security, and easy to assemble so that everyone can get in and out at their leisure when they are installed and set up properly. They look great, are incredibly stylish, and are very reasonably priced considering everything you get.

Offering professional sliding gate installation, repair, and replacement services 

Are you looking for an effective and safe access control system? Controlling the flow of your company’s vehicles is crucial to ensuring the safety of your services. With EverLast Gates, you can regulate your entrance with a variety of sliding gate models. 

There is no doubt that EverLast Gates provides the greatest level of freedom to its users. EverLast Gates offers both automatic and manual driveway gates. Additionally, we offer a variety of infill options, such as metal and wood, so you can select a style and degree of visibility that is perfect for your location. 

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We are dedicated to providing affordable sliding gate services. The technicians we hire for residential and commercial gate services have to go undergo extensive training. It is our goal to provide high-quality services at an affordable price and ensure 100% client satisfaction. You can reach us anytime to get a custom quote. Call us at  (469) 212-1925 or email us at  everlastgates@gmail.com

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