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Property owners with limited space benefit from sliding gates. There are sliding gates at the back of a fence that are great for properties with width but not depth, like a short driveway. With a swing gate, you cannot open the gate, pull just inside the property, and close the gate. Your backyard will be more spacious and your home will be more valuable with a sliding gate. Privacy, security, and pet safety are provided by wood exteriors. With a decorative metal gate, you can have an open-air feeling without compromising your view. 

Each driveway gate that we install at EverLast Gates is customized to fit your unique needs. The sliding gates we fabricate meet your specifications. Despite their varied width, most driveways are not entirely level. Dimensions such as width, height, style, and weight determine other factors such as the size of wheels and operator. For trouble-free operation, our installation process goes into great detail. Getting it right on the first try is crucial.

Professional Sliding Gate Installation Service In Service 

The average installation takes about three to four days. We offer a “turn-key” installation from the ground up. You will be guided through the gate operations with us once we have completed the installation. Once you have the remote controls (programmed), you’re ready to go. Everything is handled for you. You’re good to go. 

The entry gates we offer range from simple single sliding gates to custom dual sliding entry gates that are easy to install. You can select the right solution for your home or business needs, whether it is custom-built or pre-fabricated. You can trust the installation of our products to our team of professionals. We can advise you on the best gate for your unique situation. Contact us today to find out more!

Why Choose Us?

Using technology advances and the expertise our technicians possess, your automatic gate can be both reliable and exquisite at the same time. To enhance the convenience of your gate, we install Apollo, LiftMaster, Platinum, and Viking operators.  With options including high-grade aluminum, high-quality wood, and ornamental wrought iron, we can design to match the architecture of any home. You can rely on our experts for the design, installation, and repair of a pedestrian gate for your front yard or garden or a large entry gate for your property.

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