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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. And none feel the effects of the outbreak more than those in the commercial industry.

As of now, half of the small businesses in the country are closed temporarily, with about 90 larger businesses and US retailers closing up shop to prevent the spread of the virus.

Though a good move, it’s not without risk. Businesses closed by the COVID-19 restrictions have become the new target for burglars, and law enforcement agencies are concerned that as the deadline for closures extends, the frequency of burglaries cases will increase.

So, how do you protect your business or office?

The answer— By strengthening your first line of defense!

Here’s Why You Should Invest in an Automatic Gate

–         Overall Security

Unlike wood gates used by homeowners, commercial gates are designed using materials like steel or wrought iron—that add to the level of security.

Automatic gates come with a range of added security options such as sensors, remote controllers, and are typically connected to your office’s security system. Unless activated by remote control, any prolonged contact with the gate or lock manipulation triggers the security alarm to scare away any intruders.

–         Added Property Value

Automatic gates are an excellent feature if you want to add to your property’s overall and aesthetic value. The gate’s steel or aluminum façade adds to the structure’s imposing aura, forcing potential intruders to think twice about forcing their way in. And that’s something that potential business folks look for in their future office space.

So, adding an automatic gate not only keeps you safe, this investment adds a fair bit of value to your property price as well.

–         Affordability

It’s a common misconception that automatic electric gates are for the rich and famous. In reality, companies such as Everlast Gates cater to property owners from all walks of life.

Our electric gates are remote-triggered and fitted with efficient, long-lasting components, so you get a gate that works perfectly for years. They’re password-protected for your convenience, adding an extra layer of security over the physical barrier against any burglars. And if a problem ever arises, we will come out and fix it—no extra charges!

Automatic Gate

Opting for an Automatic Gate

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