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The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that one vehicle is stolen in the U.S. every 6.5 minutes. Considering this, you don’t want to give potential burglars an opportunity to swipe your vehicle away as well.

But despite the risk, you can’t decide how you’ll fit a large gate in a small area like your driveway. Not to worry!

Everlast Gates has some options for you.

Choosing the Right Gate for Your Property

Automatic gates require space to open and close. Swinging gates need an arc that’s equal to their width, whereas sliding gates require space toward their sides that they can slide into. You also need space for the car in your driveway and around the vehicle so you can move easily.

Here are some space-efficient options :

Swinging Gates

–          Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-fold gates take up half the space that traditional swinging gates do, which can be useful if you have small space.

But there are some caveats. Bi-fold gates require a rail above the gate, or a track on the ground that guides the edges of the gate to open and close.

But some people consider overhead rails to be unattractive. Others dislike ground tracks because they require regular cleaning. Bi-fold gates also need to be installed carefully and must travel without binding onto the rails or tracks.

If you don’t mind the aesthetic factor, and have a professional install the gate, the bi-fold gate is a great option. Otherwise, you may have to go with another choice.

Swinging Gates

Sliding Gates

–          Telescopic Gates

Telescopic sliding gates are split in the middle, and overlap one another as they slide into place, and take about half as much area as a regular sliding door. This system is efficient and adds a touch of beauty to the overall aesthetic of your home.

But keep in mind, telescopic doors are complicated to maintain and install. The system requires a series of control cables, separate tracks for each leaf of the gate, and more to open and close the gate. If you don’t mind the long process, a telescopic gate is a great option.

–          Bi-Parting Sliders

These gates are split in the middle, making two gates that slide to either side when the gate is activated to open. Each leaf requires space on both sides; however, if there’s only space for one, you can get in touch with a professional automatic gate installation company like us to get a single-leaf sliding gate.

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