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When you’re looking for gates which hallmarks are style, accessibility and security,  Everlast Gates Fort Worth is an expert craftsman.  For several years, we have been of excellent service in the Fort Worth community. We specialize in providing high quality and affordable residential and commercial gate services that you can afford. From automatic iron gates to wooden ranch gates, we can customize the design and budget based on your property’s security needs.  From planning and building your project to repair and maintenance of your dream gate, our certified gate technicians will be happy to assist you in the best ways possible.


Improved Security For Your Gates

Managing your property’s security at a distance is as easy as pie with Everlast Gates For Worth.  With additional security systems in your existing or new gates, you can track and control individuals to have access to your house or office.  An extra layer of protection means a stringent measure to safeguard your prized possessions and to deter the entry of criminals.  Handling your security doesn’t mean you have to face someone or come to the gate just to verify the identity of certain individuals and give them consent to get inside. 

 Intercoms, CCTVs, Keypad entry and access control systems are effective devices that boost a property’s security.  Their features allow a house owner or a building manager to see who is at the gate and prompt the security personnel for permission to enter the facility, and others.  With the advancement of technology, equipping maximum security in your property is possible.  We have a wide range of security systems that we can install in your gate or main doors.  Your safety matters to us.


Popular Services of Everlast Gates Fort Worth

As a leading gate company in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves with a variety of services meant to last for a long period of time to ensure you get your money’s worth.  Here are some of the many services patronized by our long list of satisfied customers:


Driveway Gates

Many homeowners want to restrict access to their property to strangers and would-be intruders.  To keep their peace of mind and confidence even if they are home or not, they invest in a driveway gate to make sure that unwarranted entries are blocked.  After all, the safety and security of your precious house and loved ones matter.


Electric Gate Installation

 Automatic gate installation is one of the most in-demand services of Everlast Gates Fort Worth.  Today’s market is keen on convenience, durability, and function and we have successfully installed electric gates throughout Fort Worth for many years and counting.  Our gate specialists can discuss all brands and designs and can automate your choice of gate. 


Sliding Gate Repair

The motors of automated gates run in different ways.  For sliding gates, the motor unit functions differently than swing gates. Our gate technicians have the know-how in repairing and replacing sliding gates and sliding gate motors.  If you have a faulty automatic sliding gate and you’ve noticed it is off track or not opening and closing properly, give us a ring and we’ll dispatch our team for an immediate and efficient solution. 


Expert Everlast Gate Technicians

As we pursue our commitment of excellence in everything that we do, we remain as a locally owned gate company with our own manufacturing plant and with a team of local technicians.  To ensure that we deliver exceptional services to our clients, our products are made of the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology.

We boast a staff that consists of friendly customer care agents who are always ready to answer any questions you have about our company and services.  And of course, our professional gate technicians whose years of experience sharpened their skills and knowledge to perform a wide range of services efficiently.  You can check our testimonial section and have positive vibes from clients who couldn’t be more grateful and lucky with their amazing collaborations with us.  There’s no better way to experience reliable services and affordable solutions than choosing us to turn the gate of your dreams into a reality!



High Quality

Everlast Gates is Certified under the Renovation Repair and Painting Rule. This Certification is important and Everlast Gates of Dallas.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Magnetic Sensing Loop
Gate Replacement
Hinge Replacement
Gate Strike Repair
Telephone Entry Repair
Track Repair


Anti Crash Gate

Anti-Crash Gate for your commercial needs our project managers will help you.

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Can the gate remain open during certain hours?

Yes. Hours of operation can be adjusted to your specific needs and/or requirements.

What happens if the power goes out?

With an optional battery back up, the gates will open & remain open until power is restored.

How do I let visitors in when the gate is closed?

Visitors can enter a three to six-digit code that will dial your home telephone. You open the gate by pressing #9 on your telephone keypad while you are talking to the caller.

Do I need a permit, and where do I get one?

Most communities require a permit for a fence installation. Be sure to check with your city, township, or county for permit requirements, where to apply, approval times, and costs.

How quickly will my gate open?

Systems take approximately 10-12 seconds, which is about twice as fast as most traditional slide gates.

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