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Add a Touch of Sophistication and Functionality to Your Frisco Home or Business 


Ready to kick-start your property’s grand Frisco makeover? With over 5 years of experience, we’re fully equipped to handle any type of project—simple or complex. Give us a call at 469-414-0805  for a free consultation and we’ll take it from there.


You don’t have to live with your bleak, worn-out gate in Frisco anymore


Located 25 minutes north of Dallas, Frisco is an emerging city for families looking to relocate to a fun and happening place. It’s a city that has something for everyone. From shopping to sports, and nutritious food for your cravings, there is no shortage of activities. And that’s why many people find it an ideal place to relocate. According to the census, the population of Frisco is growing rapidly because more and more people are choosing to come and live here. 


While visiting the place, you will certainly notice lavish residential buildings that continue to mesmerize visitors. Being part of Texas, there are many benefits for individuals who would settle in Frisco. The city is also known for its affordable yet beautiful housing facilities. But such elegance can’t be achieved with ordinary maintenance. 


So, if you are wondering how you can have such glossy exteriors that aren’t affected by harsh weather and time, the secret lies within consistent gate maintenance and repairs done by professional gate experts. 


Property owners and managers rely heavily on the leading gate installation and repair service in Frisco – Everlast Gates. We have been working for over 5 years now and offer optimal and reliable services. Everlast Gates has a team of experienced and certified gate technicians that can work with all types of gates and garage doors that offer authorized security and accessibility. We prioritize each project. 


If you live somewhere in Frisco and are looking for a reliable gate repair service for your bleak and worn-out gate, we can help you to retain the exuberance of your residential space. While these repairs may seem to restore the aesthetic appeal, they also play an equally important role to increase the lifetime of the gate as well. At Everlast Gates, we hire only experienced, insured, and certified gate technicians so our customer always gets the best service. 


Whether you require gate installation, repair, or maintenance service, feel free to call us at (682) 204-7647 for a free quote or consultation.



High Quality

Everlast Gates is Certified under the Renovation Repair and Painting Rule. This Certification is important and Everlast Gates of Dallas.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Magnetic Sensing Loop
Gate Replacement
Hinge Replacement
Gate Strike Repair
Telephone Entry Repair
Track Repair


Anti Crash Gate

Anti-Crash Gate for your commercial needs our project managers will help you.

1927 Old Witt Rd suite A1, Frisco, TX 75034


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Can the gate remain open during certain hours?

Yes. Hours of operation can be adjusted to your specific needs and/or requirements.

What happens if the power goes out?

With an optional battery back up, the gates will open & remain open until power is restored.

How do I let visitors in when the gate is closed?

Visitors can enter a three to six-digit code that will dial your home telephone. You open the gate by pressing #9 on your telephone keypad while you are talking to the caller.

Do I need a permit, and where do I get one?

Most communities require a permit for a fence installation. Be sure to check with your city, township, or county for permit requirements, where to apply, approval times, and costs.

How quickly will my gate open?

Systems take approximately 10-12 seconds, which is about twice as fast as most traditional slide gates.

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