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Installing a driveway gate provides added security and creates an attractive point of entry into your property. However, you should consider a number of factors that can affect the success of your project and how you enjoy your home and property. Choosing an experienced metal driveway gates company can ensure your installation will be of the highest quality. When you have a new driveway gate installed, you need to consider these five factors.

  • Material Selection
  • Options for automation
  • Building codes in your area
  • Differential temperatures
  • The slope of the terrain

We at EverLast Gates can design and install metal driveway gates that will provide a protective barrier for your property. There are many options available when it comes to metal driveway gates. We offer a variety of modern styles and designs in both aluminum and wrought iron driveway gates. Aluminum driveway gates are lightweight, maintenance-free, and rust-free. We offer heavy-duty, lifetime-durable wrought iron gates for your driveway entrance.

Customized Metal Driveway Gates For Your Property 

We offer our customers the option to add their own personal touches to our high-quality wrought iron driveway gates. Various designs, shapes, and even your initials are available. We can create anything you can draw. In addition to curves, scrolls, and elaborate lines, you can add curves and scrolls to your design to truly reflect your unique taste. Feel free to be creative, but please consider the fact that a more elaborate design will cost more in the long run.

Installing Driveway Gates is Easier Than You Think

Apart from designing them, we also install them. We handle everything from the initial under-street assessment (to ensure that there are no utility lines damaged), through asphalt and concrete cutting, excavation, reinforcing cages, post setting, conduit lines, concrete pour, and automation installation. We are fully bonded and insured and are C-23 (ornamental metal) and C-10 (electrical) licensed contractors. Working directly with homeowners as well as contractors, architects, and others, we guarantee the installation of your project is correct.

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