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A beautiful automatic gate system provides your home with privacy and protection. When it comes to your gates, you want them to open and close silently and quickly. It’s up to you whether you use a remote, keypad, automation, or another method of entry. Entry to a protected area is controlled by automatic gates. Automatic gates are often frequently seen at the facility’s entry, controlling vehicular traffic on and off the property. 

The factory-trained experts at EverLast Gates know how to design the right gate opening and automation device for your needs. Our team is ready to mount the new gate system any time, combining performance with practicality. 

Types of Automatic Gates 

There are six different kinds of automatic gate system that are widely used. They are- 

Slide Gate

In light-duty commercial applications, the slide gate is perhaps the most common kind of automatic gate. The sliding gate is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and moves horizontally through the gate opening. The slide gate is supported by rollers on the bottom of the gate. 

Cantilever Gate

The cantilever gate is similar to the slide gate, but it is not supported by sliding rollers around the rim. Instead, rails running around the inside of the fence frame reinforce the cantilever gate. The fact that the gate “cantilevers” (hangs over) the gate opening gives it its name.

Swing Gate

Swing gates have one hinged side which opens and shuts like a fence. Swing gates typically fly in a 90-degree arc between open and closed states. Swing gates can be in-swinging or out-swinging and can have a single or double leaf.

Vertical Lift Gate

Vertical lift gates pass vertically up and down over the gate opening. Vehicles must be able to drive beneath the fence, so they must be raised high enough. This style of gate necessitates the installation of tall vertical support towers on both sides of the gate opening.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gate

In and out of the gate opening, vertical pivot lift gates spin. Vertical pivot lift gates are completely supported by the gate operator, and no external support systems are needed. Vertical pivot lift gates have some of the same advantages as vertical lift gates, but they are less noticeable because they don’t need vertical support towers.

Bi-Folding Gate

Where space is minimal, bi-folding gates have a reduced footprint and are a good option. The opening and closing speeds of many bi-folding gates are very fast.

Barrier Arm Gate

Barrier arm gates are mainly used to monitor vehicular traffic at staffed security entrances or to control entry into and out of parking facilities. A vertical barrier arm rotates in and out of the gate opening to create barrier arm gates.

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