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If you want to create a unique and stunning look for your property’s entrance with all measures of security, consider installing the wrought iron gate. These can be as decorative as you can imagine. Artistic metal decorative gates have been us for centuries now. Choosing the perfect iron driveway gate for your residential or commercial property can be intimidating. Is the driveway you are working with is small or large? How do you want to decorate it? What color or shape do you like? It gives you so much freedom of choice that you can create the ambiance as much as you want.


Iron driveway gates are considered as the best choice when it comes to protecting your property’s entrance. These gates are strong, weatherproof with the right paint and furnishing, and tamper-resistant. Wrought iron is the perfect material for creating a gate that is durable and appealing.


Wrought iron driveway gates require maintenance on the regular basis, especially if you are living in an area where humidity is quite high. We usually recommend painting your wrought iron gate at least once in a year to save it from dust and rust.


We specialize in all types of driveway gate installation and repair. Our services include automatic gate repair, gate parts repair, automatic driveway gate repair, sliding gate repair, metal gate repair, security gate repair, and wrought iron gates. We offer the best yet affordable designing, manufacturing, and installation of iron gates and driveway gates.


Due to its large scope, the driveway gate can be heavy and hard to operate. But the wrought iron and metal driveway gates do not look elegant but are easy to operate. These gates are durable, strong, affordable, and can survive the toughest weather conditions.


The metal driveway gates are simply stunning. However, keep in mind that like every other metal or piece of hardware they can be damaged or broken sometime. Which essentially means an emergency. Having a broken or damaged driveway gate can be a great security risk especially if the damage is noticeable to other people.

At Everlast Gates, we understand the importance of having a functional and secure driveway gate. Whether you are looking to install a fresh metal driveway gate or repair some part of it. The installation process can be challenging depending on the gate, fence, and location.


Some residential properties might have natural obstacles, and our trained technicians have to use both skills and necessary tools to remove these obstacles, without losing sight of the functional requirements of the system, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the property.


Benefits of Iron Driveway Gate



One of the main reasons people choose a wrought iron gate is its durability. The wrought iron driveway gates can survive tough weather conditions and can last generations after generations in your family.



Another reason is its strength. The wrought driveway gates are hard to break, making it the perfect choice for driveway gates. However, heavy gates are more difficult to maintain, install, repair, and operate than wooden gates or aluminum gates. Driveway gates restrict any unauthorized access or vehicles from your entrance so having a secure and strong gate makes total sense.


Expensive look

Getting an iron-wrought driveway gate can make your house stand out in the neighborhood. The iron gate leaves a very good impression and makes a statement. Not only does your house look more expensive and elegant but also got an upgrade in the property sale value. Iron gates can be fully customized and offer an extensive range of design, style, and look.

If you are looking for someone to install, repair, or maintain a wrought iron driveway gate at your home or office, feel free to give us a call for an estimate. We are committed to providing an affordable service with great customer satisfaction. Our expert and trained technicians will make sure that you will be getting the best value for your price. 

You can make a better purchase decision with experts on your side. You will be surprised to see how much this would help you to save money and time. So, don’t think twice and give us a call. 

Our company provides an onsite welding solution of the highest quality. We always look forward to helping you with your security gate problems in a responsive manner so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family or pets.  We are available 24 x 7 and only a call away. 

Gates with wide posts allow opening in small spaces.

Card-based entry

uses a card that is inserted or a card with an RFID chip that is specifically programmed for the gate. It is popular with businesses with a large number of employees. If an employee is fired or quits, the card just has to simply be disabled and there is no need for a new password every time.

Wireless keypad entry

is safe and convenient and hassle-free. One of the major benefits over a card-based interface is that there is no risk of the card being stolen and used by an unauthorized person. It is easier to install and program than the card-based entry, has many password options, can be placed anywhere around the entrance, and communicates with the gate remotely.

Fingerprint access

is a streamlined verification without a keypad and monitor and is a fast method for the permanent people who use the system constantly.


The requirements in the United States are that all installations of electric gates must meet the standard of Underwriters Laboratories 325 (UL 325). The system must be checked by a calibrated force tester and the results maintained in a technical file for seven years. The gate’s installer is the one responsible for the conformity to regulations and not the manufacturer. A full risk assessment must take place with the maximum amount of force at certain test points, all crush and cutting points, confirmation of all necessary electrical equipment, and with the offering of appropriate protection devices and a recommended maintenance program to ensure that the gate will operate properly.
“It was really amazing that our technician from Everlast Gates of Dallas was extremely helpful and gave us options to think about when it came to us wanting an electrical gate on our property” – Susan E.


Now that you’ve read about the types of electric gates, some of their special features, what is needed to make them high security, how to work an electric gate by various openers, and other helpful information, you can give serious consideration to owning one.

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